Author Topic: Let's bully a student!  (Read 4258 times)


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Let's bully a student!
« on: February 11, 2019, 12:39:08 PM »
Bradley Howes recently visited the forum with questions about making calcedony glass. Bradley is an undergrad at Alfred University. Here is his summary sentence:
"I understand calcedony is a fickle color but I'd like to know if there's anything I can do to influence it in future melts."

Reasonable. After just a few runs with trying to make this color he has come to the same conclusion as Pete who likes to use the phrase "hurding cats" to describe calcedony glass. I've done a fraction of Pete's melts but completely agree.

So, why did Pete get so worked up that he decided to throw out this dagger:

"Buy some books. There are a number out there with formulas. They are roadmaps if you can read them. Helmer, Thuringen , Weyl, Volf. Then, get rid of the statement you make at the bottom of your post until you actually deserve to make it. I try my best every day but I don't talk that way."

Holy shit! What a hemorrhoid! Pete, this is a 18-20 year old kid just getting started. Be helpful and encouraging not a raging lunatic. You may think you have learned the curmudgeon skills of Ed Skeels but Ed was genuine. You are random and just angry. There is something here that struck a nasty cord. Did you not get to go to Alfred. Do you feel lessened by the educated Elite? Hell, Bradley even apologized. For what, I'm not sure...the use of the work fickle? This glass is fickle!!! Deserve to make a statement. WOW. I didn't know that someone anointed Pete the decider of such things.

Has Mr Vanderlaan ever taken a moment to consider just how lucky he has been in terms of timing. He fell into the studio glass movement. People were sharing knowledge. It was a MOVEMENT for Christ's sake. He's like one of the shit for brains who lived through Woodstock and still complains about the rain or bemoans the fact that he didn't make any money off it. I've never had access to piles of colored cullet from the old Appellation factories. I've never walked into Pilchuck and seen Dante, Lino, Billy Morris and others having a god-damned glass equivalent of a jam session. GAS was a party among friends and now it's a freaking business convention. You were given a gift asshole and you can't even see it.

It's just glass.  ;)
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