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« on: January 25, 2019, 05:27:11 PM »
Well, I did it. Finally got myself banned from Craftweb. I figure if I have 6 months without access to it I might as well see if I can start a new, better community. I've seen names on the posting board come and go. Wondered what happened to a lot of those folks. Seemed like they asked reasonable questions and had plenty of experience but Pete's not much for those second guessing his opinion or even worse just having one of their own. 

I won't dwell on that too much. I'm hoping we can build something better. A place for glass artists to come and share their opinions, questions, concerns...whatever. Most of all, I'd like a better place to learn and share.

Here's a list of differences between the 2 forums:
- No names required, guests allowed.
- You will not be ridiculed for asking a question.
- Larger picture files and uploads.
- New format...latest and fully functional interface.

To that end, my first project posting is a current effort to make a variety of Opal Phosphate glasses. I am indebted to Dave Bross and Jordan Kube to sharing their experiences on Craftweb. Also, the recent posting from Lynn Read on SP87 used in making a Opal Phos...very interesting stuff.