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Reducing colors
« on: February 11, 2019, 11:27:49 AM »
Here are a few oldies from the Craftweb archives:

Will no one stand up for the old standby, K-215 (Gold brown)? I still love using it since you can achieve pretty much any effect you want, depending on the reducing atmosphere, and your timing. You can get silver, silver-blue, brass, or gold. I especially like the "swirly" teal you get when you reduce it too long. (Actually, I hated it, but then a friend told me to call it Antique Blue, and the pieces sell pretty well.

I layer silver blue and silver green with R-61 and stamp it into an optic mold. Lots of fun. POWDER!

Gaffer black luster is a nice one, but my all time favorites are Richenbach's iris gold, golden brown, and clear silver. try sprinkling a little copper ruby over that silver glass, or under it if your using frit. you can also use silver leaf in conjunction with copper ruby and get some wild reactions which stem from the fact that copper glass and silver glass will freak out when they touch.. Also, arsnic white(r-61) will react with a silver glass in very strange way, you'll get lots of greens.. just make sure that if you want the colors to react you must have them touch each other. If you gather over the silver glass and add copper to the next gather nothing will happen.