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Peacock Feather
« on: February 16, 2019, 11:10:10 AM »
Here's a question by Victor Chiarizia: I need to make a piece for a friend that has that tiffany style peacock iridecencent look to it. any ez ways to do it...and how about colors? thanks, vic

Google Image search: Peacock Feather Glass

John Van Koningsveld: Two contrasting silver based glasses, reduced and sprayed with lots of stannous.

Rich Federici:
Brilliant gold (K212) or Iris gold (218) threaded with cobalt blue. These colors produce that look really well. comb with a hooked pick, and spray as John suggests and there you go!

A nice extra element suggested by Eben Horton:

no frit.. use powder. you can go full monty if you make some murrain to simulate the center of the peacock feather... Id use gaffer's black luster for that..

If i was going to do a copy, id use R-218 powder- thread it with copper ruby wrap.. feather it and then apply the murrine.

And finally, a non-fumed version by Charles Friedman:
I have done a roller wrap with two or three colors, with one of them a striking metallic color, like R-215. Then rake up three times and down twice. No fumes.