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Tough Love
« on: February 02, 2019, 01:21:06 PM »
I started spending a good deal of time on Craftweb when I started building out my own studio some 8 years ago. I've gotten great advice and found answers to a lot of questions which were just not available anywhere else. Along the way, I started considering making my own glass. Pete Vanderlaan is a huge proponent of doing so and has 40-50 years of experience doing just that. He has held classes on making color batch attended by many of the Craftweb membership.

It was at his suggestion that I became interested in making the silver colloidal glass chalcedony and optimizing it by using his base color formula. I have a small operation but I am committed to it and followed through by working with Jim Meyers at East Bay Batch to mix Pete's unoxidized clear. Pete wants a royalty on this glass which is modest but over time might actually amount to something. After I established this contact everything went haywire.

Pete has accused me of stealing his recipe (discussed here) which we agreed I could use and has been published on Craftweb. Jim was aware of the source of the formula...we called it Pete's unoxidized clear! Now, Jim Meyers will not speak to me and Pete has banned me from Craftweb. Would he do this to a bigger player? I think he is clearly throwing his weight around and when he realizes you are not going to make him any money he will sever ties with you.

I felt the need to warn other small studio artists and provide another OPEN SOURCE means to acquire this information. I know someone who actually attended Pete's class ($$$) and with a small (but growing!) studio found him a poor source of downstream information. It's a shame...the growth of this industry is the smaller electric furnace user. This website is for everyone who wants a better organized source of the wealth of information which is out there but near impossible to find.