Author Topic: Threading Colors and Advice  (Read 2759 times)


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Threading Colors and Advice
« on: February 12, 2019, 11:20:15 AM »
Here's some tips from Ken Peterson:
I've found that coating the piece with a soft powder then trailing works well. It holds the trail together and keeps it from spreading. That also allows for chemical reactions. In true hippie fashion, try....... iris gold powder + cu ruby trail, or IG powder + red opaque trail, or IG powder + amber trail. If the trails are tight enough and you manipulate the surface enough you can get some really clean results. Groovy........

Want metallic dots? Put the parison in an optic before threading to get the effect.

Try these...Thank Jeff Hoover for this list:

I think I've used:
K-103 Silver Green (Reduces)
K-105 Silver Blue (Reduces)
K-44 Silver Dark Blue (Reduces)

Some other trans that reduce:
K-107 Sliver Amethyst (Reduces)
Q-136 Iris Green (Reduces)
Q-144 Iris Dark Blue (Reduces)
Q-145 Iris Blue (Reduces)
Q-217 Iris Gold (Reduces)

Some opaque reducing colors that might be good:
Q-54 Extra Dense Black (Reduces)
Q-92 Night Blue (Reduces)
Q-95 Opal Black (Reduces)