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Pineapple mold
« on: February 13, 2019, 09:43:57 AM »
I've been playing with this so referred back to this info:

Pete: lay in hot and suck back every so slightly before you pull the piece.

Kenny Pieper: Use a pipe with a pretty good size head and don't let the head of the pipe get too hot. Pete is right in that the glass should be good and hot going in and don't stay in long. You want to use that original heat as much as possible. The more you reheat after going in the mold the more the optics will melt out. If the pipe head is hot going in and the mold cools the glass then you have the glass around the pipe head hotter than anywhere else. Not a good situation.

Similar for Eben Horton: never ever ever give your glass a deep re-heat before you go into the mold.. I always give my moil a little marver to cool it and heat just inside the door before i stamp it into the mold. hit and run..... do not linger in the mold, as that's a big culprit for getting stuck.

And then lots of advice for getting stuck glass out...I will keep these anonymous here  ;)

If you get stuck, throw the entire mold into a bucket of cold water, let it cool down, and use an air gun to blow out the fritted chunks,the more psi the better it works.

After it is cool take a hot bit to the glass stuck in the mold. It will pop free. Please don't use the chisel.