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Tool Envy
« on: January 27, 2019, 01:28:19 PM »
Check out this babe!

Thorough mixing is a huge concern in batching. Jim Meyers at East Bay Batch told me he had a commercial food grade mixer to do the sample batches he did for me which were about 80 lbs each. Check out the price tag on something like that...even used they are thousands of $$$. I have a cement mixer I picked up for $300 and recently had issues with thorough mixing even after leaving it running for a few hours. It's pretty easy to visualize the powders just turning and hardly mixing. I'm considering adding some extra paddles and just giving it some additional hand mixing; dumping the batch into a container and loading back into the mixer.

For a test batch of 20 lbs, this product looks pretty awesome. I had issues with doing a 5 gallon bucket mix recently. I use a drill with paddle mixer and like to mix the entire bucket by turning it upside down several times. Still, without actually getting into the bucket with a scoop to mix it around I had problems with the melt.

What we need is a mix indicator. An internal control for mixing. You can't just look into a batch bucket and tell that everything has mixed when it all looks the same. I'm going to use a small amount of black tin thrown into the bottom of the bucket. A good, thorough mix will end "graying" the contents throughout. We'll see how it works. If I could just leave the pictured mixer alone for an hour or two and come back to a great batch mixture...might be worth the $300 price tag.  8)

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